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Sano & Yahiko in "The Blanket Scenario" (not yaoi)

by Stephanie Taylor

The Blanket Scenario

Here's the situation: two Rurouni Kenshin characters trapped overnight in a single-room cabin in the middle of a blizzard. It's so cold that falling asleep uncovered will undoubtedly cause hypothermia. One blanket.

Your assignment: Create a scenario for posting. Go wild.

"Sano, I found a blanket! We won't freeze after all."
"There's only one?"
"Yep. Guess we'll have to share it."
"Okay. Let's lay on the tatami over there. The wood floor will be cold as ice."
"Oh, right."
The two laid down under the blanket.
"Sano, I'm not tired."
"Che! Why not? I'm beat."
"I don't know. Sano?"
"I've been thinking..... why does Kenshin say 'oro'?"
"I don't know. Go to sleep."
"I can't sleep."
"Well, be quiet, at least."
"Fine. Good night."
Two minutes later:
"Oi, Sano?"
"We don't usually find time together alone like this....."
"Well, I was just thinking we might take advantage of the situation-"
"You know, there's a lot of stuff I don't know about. And you know a lot."
"Ah- eh?"
"Sano..... how do people make babies?"
"Oh, is that- hold it. Y-you don't know?"
"No. But you do, right?"
"Heck. Yeah....."
"W-why don't you talk to Kenshin about this?"
"'Cuz. You'll give it to me straight. Kenshin is great, but you're so cool. You know things."
"...... Not now. I'm dead tired. We can, ano, talk tomorrow or something."
"Oh. Alright. Good night."
"Good night."
Five minutes later:
"I just remembered the weird dream I had last night! Wanna hear?"
"Why not?"
"Let me sleep, will you?"
"Oh, right. Sorry."
"Good. Go to sleep."
"I can't."
Twenty minutes later:
"Ano..... Sano?"
"Sano? Are you still awake?"
"Kuso, I am now. What?"
"Nothing. I just wanted to know if you were sleeping already."
"I was. Don't ask me again."
"Don't ask me anything again."
"Because I'm trying to sleep!"
"I forgot."
One hour later:
"Nn? Yahiko?"
"Ano, you asleep?"
"Wa..... wait! Don't leave..... Tsubame-chan!"
"Eh? Tsubame-chan?"
"Oi, let go of me. Get off. Yahiko, you're dreaming! I'm not Tsubame. How big do you think she is?!"
"Ah. Tsubame!"
"Oi! ..... Chikusho."
Two hours later:
"Yahiko, move your leg."
One minute later:
"Okay, I've had it. I'll move you - my - self. There. Finally."
"Itee! Oi....."
Hours later:
"Sano! Mou, lazy idiot. SANO!"
"Kuso. What?"
"Wake up! It's morning!"
"Morning.....? It's still dark outside!"
"But the sun is starting to rise already. Let's go home."
"Go? Now?"
"Yeah. It'll take all day to walk there. We need an early start."
"Sano! Get up!"
"AAAAAH! HOW can you expect me to get up when I've just lived through the worst night of my life?!"
"First, the endless questions-"
"Eh? Only two-"
"Then the Tsubame dream-"
"How'd you know about that?!"
"Then draping your arms and legs over me-"
"How did you-?"
"Plus the snoring and kicking-"
"I never told you about that dream!"
"You didn't need to!"
Rurouni Kenshin characters, names, etc. © copyright by Watsuki Nobuhiro, Shueisha, Sony Entertainment, and associated parties. The characters of this work are used WITHOUT permission for entertainment only. This story is not meant for sale or profit.
Story © copyright 1999 by Stephanie M. Taylor


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