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Shinta in "Where is Love?"

by Stephanie Taylor

This fanfic takes place during the night that Hiko meets Shinta and the night after that. For clarity, the name "Shinta" has been used even though Hiko has changed Shinta's name to "Kenshin" about halfway through this story.

This musical theatre song is simply beautiful, and I highly recommend listening to it if you haven't heard it. If you own a CD, video, audio tape, LP, or whatever, if you'd take a moment to listen to the piece before reading I'd appreciate it. I think the reading of the fic would be much richer that way. ^_^


 "Where is Love?"
From the Film and Musical "OLIVER!"
Words and Music by Lionel Bart
As the slow but rhythmic notes begin, plaintively sounding from the keys of a piano, a small red-haired boy places a make-shift shovel on the uneven ground at his feet and stands up. He turns, and his face solemnly looks across at the fresh graves he has dug. Countless standing crosses are darkened silhouettes against the purple and yellow sunset.
~ Where is love? ~
Shinta is sitting quietly alone in a forest at dusk. He blinks.
~ Does it fall from skies above? ~
Raising his head to look up through the tree branches overhead, his lips part slightly in child-like wonder.
~ Is it underneath the willow tree ~
The tall tree transforms into a more comforting willow bending over him. He smiles at this vision in his mind.
~That I've been dreaming of? ~
Shinta falls backwards to lie on the grass, arms coming to rest under his head. He closes his eyes sleepily.
~ Where is she ~
An image not quite in focus, as if in a mist, emerges.... A woman cradling a younger Shinta in her arms, another with smooth black hair tied at her neck, and another with a ponytail held up in a blue ribbon.
~ Who I close my eyes to see? ~
Shinta's brow furrows in willing the dream image to become clearer.
~ Will I ever know the sweet "hello" ~
He drifts into sleep. Transparent over his small form in the woods appears a scene of Kaoru holding up a bamboo sword at the doujou. She seems to hear something and whirls around, grinning.
~ That's meant for only me? ~
Her eyes light up as she cheerfully mouths the words "Okaeri, Kenshin".
~ Who can say where she may hide? ~
A young Kenshin of the age 13 leaves his master Hiko's hut behind, striding toward his future in the Bakumatsu.
~ Must I travel far and wide? ~
This sight fades into one of rurouni Kenshin walking alone through the market streets of an unknown town with no definite destination.
~ 'Til I am beside the someone who ~
Battousai stops short on a night street and looks up into the dark shadow eyes of Tomoe.
~ I can mean something to. ~
Tomoe's face gazes gently at a materializing shot of the Hitokiri Kenshin, a lone figure in a grass field looking at the stars.
~ Where, ~
The looming image of Tomoe fades out. Tomoe forms almost beside Kenshin, a bit behind.
~ Where is love? ~
Kenshin feels a breath of wind and turns to see her. She looks lovely in the moon's pale illumination. No one is nearby. Tomoe holds out her hand to Kenshin, who takes it in his.
~ Every night I kneel and pray ~
Fade to a picture of Shinta, kneeling beside his bedding in Hiko's hut. His head is lowered, and his crimson hair, out of its ponytail, falls softly about his shoulders.
~ Let tomorrow be the day ~
Shinta's hands, resting on his knees, tighten against his yukata as he makes a silent request.
~ When I see the face of someone who ~
He crawls under a blanket and settles in. His wide eyes look around the room, uncertain and perhaps lonely.
~ I can mean something to. ~
He becomes a backdrop as an encompassing view of Kaoru appears. She watches from the doorway of the doujou, waiting for Kenshin to return home.
~ Where, ~
Coming in as a closer shot of her face.... her cobalt eyes look up hopefully, longingly.
~ Where is love? ~
Kenshin's face nears with a silly smile, and Kaoru reaches past it to hug him in her arms. His surprised gasp is cut off as his breath catches; she was waiting for him.
Fade back to Shinta in bed, securely holding his blanket to him so he won't feel so alone, vulnerable. He breathes in lightly, and his large eyes observe the ceiling above him. There will be someone, he thinks to himself. There must be. Be patient.
Where Is Love? lyrics and music © copyright by Columbia Pictures; Lakeview Music Co. Ltd; Hollis Music, Inc.; and associated parties.
Rurouni Kenshin characters, names, etc. © copyright by Watsuki Nobuhiro, Shueisha, SPE (Sony Pictures Entertainment) Visual Works, Fuji TV, and associated parties. The references of this work are used WITHOUT permission for entertainment only. This story is not meant for sale or profit.
Story © copyright January 2000 by Stephanie M. Taylor
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