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I Love Sailor Moon - What Manga Should I Read Next?

I Love Sailor Moon - What Anime Should I Watch Next?

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This is a website for the BSSM fan who wants to find other anime and manga series to enjoy, easily and inexpensively!

This site will be constantly updated with new titles and more info. Please bookmark and check back again! ^_~

After I watched Sailor Moon and bought all of the manga, I tried out other various anime series that I didn't like. It was a waste of my money because I just didn't enjoy them anywhere as much as BSSM. That was a few years ago, and now I've watched a lot of anime which I have enjoyed immensely. I also am a big manga fan, especially of series about magical girls. I decided to create this page to help guide fellow BSSM fans to the world of anime & manga series created for and targeted at them!

I've discovered that most of the best series for BSSM fans have not yet been released in the US. Be sure to check out the Excellent Import-Only Anime & Manga section to find out about and buy these series in original Japanese. Hopefully you will discover many series to love and enjoy! Have fun!

In April 1999 I discovered that Amazon.com, the world's biggest bookstore, sells anime and manga at low prices - 15-20% or more off their "list price", which is often less than the regular price! What I've done is described the domestic-released anime and manga that I think BSSM fans are mostly likely to enjoy, and linked each book, video, or DVD title to Amazon's page. All you have to do is click on the link to order the tape or book. It's the easiest and most afffordable way to get your anime and manga fix!

Standing for love and justice,

Ami-chan ^_^

If you'd like to e-mail me, just remove the spaces: dioptase @ quixium .com

If you have any questions about Amazon.com click the links below. Amazon provides excellent customer service and a wide range of shipping options to both U.S. and worldwide customers. Gift-giving is convenient, fun, and fast with Amazon's gift wrap & gift messages. ^_^ Also, if you don't feel comfortable ordering online, you can phone, fax, or pay by check!

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