The Rurouni Kenshin Character Name Guide

Version 2.0


This is the list of RK characters and what they are called by others. Hopefully this will be a helpful resource for fan fiction writers. At the bottom is a key to the Japanese words and suffixes that turn up in the list.

The list is by no means complete, so if you can fill in any more info please e-mail me by removing the spaces dioptase @ quixium .com. Thanks! ^_^




Kaoru: Kenshin

Sano: Kenshin

Yahiko: Kenshin

Megumi: Ken-san

Ayame & Suzume: Ken-nii

Misao: Himura

Aoshi: Himura Kenshin, Battousai, Himura Battousai

Okina: Himura-kun, Himura Battousai-dono, Himura-dono, Himura

Beshimi: akage yarou

Hannya: Battousai

Kanryuu: Battousai, Himura Battousai

Saitou: Battousai

Hiko: baka deshi

Shishio: Battousai, Hitokiri Battousai, sempai

Soujirou: Himura-san, Himura Battousai-san

Yumi: Himura

Houji: Himura, Battousai

Chou: Hitokiri Battousai-san, Battousai

Tomoe: anata, Himura-san (?)

Enishi: Battousai

Gein: Battousai

Tae: Kenshin-san, Himura-san

Tsubame: Kenshin-san

Jine: Battousai, Hitokiri Battousai

Yutarou: Himura Kenshin

Tsunan: Battousai

Shura: Himura




Kenshin: Kaoru-dono

Sano: Jou-chan, tanuki musume

Yahiko: Kaoru, busu, tanuki musume

Megumi: Kaoru-chan, Kaoru, tanuki musume

Ayame & Suzume: Kaoru-oneesan

Gensai-sensei: Kaoru-chan

Misao: Kaoru-san

Aoshi: Kamiya Kaoru

Okina: Kaoru-kun

Saitou: Kamiya Kaoru, tanuki musume

Hiko: Kamiya Kaoru

Enishi: Kamiya Kaoru

Gein: Kamiya Kaoru

Tae: Kaoru-chan

Tsubame: Kaoru-san

Jine: komusume (?)

Yutarou: Kaoru-san




Kenshin: Sano, Sanosuke

Kaoru: Sano, Sanosuke

Yahiko: Sano, Sanosuke, tori-atama, ahou

Megumi: tori-atama

Misao: tori-atama

Okina: Sanosuke-kun

Saitou: ahou, tori-atama

Shishio: zako

Soujirou: Sagara Sanosuke-san

Houji: Sagara Sanosuke

Anji: Sagara Sanosuke

Chou: tori-atama

Tae: Sanosuke-san

Tsubame: Sanosuke-san

Yutarou: tori-atama

Tsunan: Sano, baka yarou

Sagara Souzou: Sanosuke




Kenshin: Yahiko, Yahiko-chan

Kaoru: Yahiko, Yahiko-chan

Sano: Yahiko, Yahiko-chan, wappa

Megumi: Yahiko, Yahiko-chan, Yahiko-kun

Ayame & Suzume: Yahiko

Misao: Yahiko-kun, Yahiko

Okina: Yahiko-kun

Hiko: wappa

Henya: gaki, kozou

Enishi: gaki

Tae: Yahiko-kun

Tsubame: Yahiko, Yahiko-chan

Yutarou: Myoujin Yahiko, kisama




Kenshin: Megumi-dono

Kaoru: Megumi-san, Megumi

Sano: megitsune, onna-sensei, ahen no onna

Yahiko: Megumi

Gensai-sensei: Megumi

Aoshi: Takani Megumi

Beshimi: Takani Megumi

Hyottoko: Takani Megumi

Shikijou: Takani Megumi

Hannya: Takani Megumi

Kanryuu: Takani Megumi

Saitou: megitsune

Tae: Megumi-han, Takani-san




Kenshin: Ayame-chan & Suzume-chan

Kaoru: Ayame-chan & Suzume-chan

Sano: Ayame-chan & Suzume-chan

Yahiko: Ayame-chan & Suzume-chan

Gensai-sensei: Ayame-chan & Suzume-chan




Kenshin: Gensai-sensei

Kaoru: Gensai-sensei

Megumi: Gensai-sensei

Ayame & Suzume: ojii-san




Kenshin: Misao-dono

Kaoru: Misao-chan

Sano: itachi musume

Yahiko: Misao, itachi musume

Aoshi: Misao

Okina: Misao-chan, Misao

Okon: okashira, Misao-chan

Omasu: okashira, Misao-chan

Shirujou: Misao-chan

Kurojou: Misao-chan

Beshimi: Misao

Hyottoko: Misao

Shikijou: Misao

Hannya: Misao

Saitou: itachi musume

Eiji: onna




Kenshin: Aoshi, Shinomori Aoshi

Kaoru: Aoshi

Sano: Aoshi, dark guy* (original Japanese needed)

Yahiko: Aoshi

Megumi: Aoshi

Misao: Aoshi, Aoshi-sama

Okina: Aoshi, okashira

Okon: okashira

Omasu: okashira

Shirujou: okashira

Kurojou: okashira

Beshimi: okashira

Hyottoko: okashira

Shikijou: okashira

Hannya: okashira

Saitou: Shinomori Aoshi

Shishio: Shinomori Aoshi

Soujirou: Shinomori-san

Yumi: Shinomori

Houji: Shinomori Aoshi

Gein: Shinomori Aoshi




Kenshin: Okina-dono

Kaoru: Okina-san

Misao: Jiya




Kenshin: Saitou, Saitou Hajime

Kaoru: Saitou

Sano: Saitou

Yahiko: Saitou

Megumi: Saitou, furyou keikan

Misao: Saitou

Aoshi: Saitou Hajime

Shishio: Saitou Hajime

Soujirou: Saitou Hajime-san

Yumi: Saitou

Houji: Saitou Hajime

Chou: sudare-atama




Kenshin: shishou

Kaoru: Hiko-san

Yahiko: Hiko Seijuurou

Misao: Hiko Seijuurou

Okina: Hiko Seijuurou




Kenshin: Shishio, [sarcastically] kohai

Kaoru: Shishio

Sano: Shishio

Yahiko: Shishio

Megumi: Shishio

Misao: Shishio

Aoshi: Shishio

Okina: Shishio, Shishio Makoto

Saitou: Shishio, Shishio Makoto

Eiji: Shishio

Hiko: Shishio

Soujirou: Shishio-san

Yumi: Shishio-sama

Houji: Shishio-sama

Anji: Shishio-dono

Chou: Shishio

Kamatari: Shishio-sama

Usui: Shishio

Henya: Shishio-sama (?)

Saizuchi: Shishio-sama

Enishi: Shishio Makoto

Gein: Shishio Makoto




Kenshin: Soujirou, Seta Soujirou

Shishio: Soujirou, Sou

Yumi: bouya, Soujirou, Sou, Tenken no Soujirou

Houji: Soujirou, Tenken no Soujirou

Anji: Soujirou-dono, Tenken no Soujirou

Chou: Soujirou

Kamatari: Sou-chan

Shishio's underlings: Seta-sama




Soujirou: Yumi-san

Chou: Yumi-neesan

Kamatari: Yumi-san




Soujirou: Anji-san




Yumi: Chou-kun




Soujirou: Usui-san

Anji: Usui-dono




Soujirou: Saizuchi-youjin




Kenshin: Tae-dono

Kaoru: Tae-chan, Tae-san

Sano: Tae

Yahiko: Tae




Kenshin: Enishi

Kaoru: Enishi

Sano: Enishi, shiraga yarou

Yahiko: Enishi

Megumi: Enishi

Tomoe: Enishi

Gein: Enishi




-chan: added to given name to address children affectionately, can also be used among girls who are close friends
-kun: added to given or family name of male friends or someone of lower status, also rarely can be used for girls
-san: added to given or family name to express respect and friendliness
-sama: polite equivalent form of "-san", OR used to express appriciation, OR used for gods, royalty, or someone one "worships"
-dono: very polite equivalent form of "-san", usually for royalty and nobility
-nii: [short for oniisan/oniichan] someone else's older brother OR as a term of address "my older brother"
-oneesan: someone else's older sister OR as a term of address "my older sister"
-jouchan: [short for ojouchan/ojousan] your or someone else's daughter OR a young lady or girl
ojiisan: one's gradfather OR old man
sensei: teacher, professor, OR doctor
sempai: one's senior, elder
kouhai: one's junior, underclassman
musume: daughter OR unmarried young woman, girl
onna: woman, female, ofen has a derogatory connotation
megitsune: fox lady
tanuki: tanuki, a dog-like animal native to Asia which looks similar to a raccoon
itachi: weasel, skunk
tori: chicken OR bird, fowl, poultry
atama: head, usually indicates thr portion from the eyebrows up or the part covered with hair, OR brain, OR hair
busu: ugly, hag
deshi: pupil, apprentice, disciple
baka: fool, stupid person, silly person
kisama: very rude way to say "you"
ahou: idiot, moron
yarou: guy, fellow
shishou: master
anata: you, often used by a wife when addressing her husband
wappa: child
gaki: young student, brat
kozou: boy, brat
akage: red-haired
shiraga: white-haired
tenken: sword of heaven
furyou: bad, poor, defective
keikan: police officer
sudare: bamboo blind, reed screen
zako: cannon fodder
ahen: opium


Rurouni Kenshin characters, names, etc. © copyright by Watsuki Nobuhiro, Shueisha, Sony Entertainment, and associated parties. The references of this list are compiled for information purposes only. This list is not meant for sale or profit.


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